Elements Series

Every handle a "one-off"!

FSB Elements

Elements Series presents aluminum hardware in 8 standard finishes and virtually hundreds of additional powder coated options. To a degree, each of our handles in Aluminum is not only “made in Germany” but is done so by hand. There is a dedicated tool for every single door handle model made in Aluminum. Some 600 dies for the various handle models indicate just how uniquely versatile the FSB Elements series range is.

Right from the start, aluminum has been used as a high-tech material, when light weight and high durability are required. Space travel as well as aircraft and car making are inconceivable without it and it was responsible for making some innovations possible in the first place.

Especially in the second half of the 20th century, aluminum started its triumphal advance into interior design and into design in general. Its technological mystique together with its silvery, glittering surface opened up new horizons in the use of metal in interior design. At FSB this started with the designs by Johannes Potentes in the 1950s.

Still today, the expertise which we gained at the time in the machining of aluminum is the basis of all of FSB’s families of handles made of this wonderful material.

Aluminum is a light metal (density 2.699 g/cm3). It melts at 660 degrees Celsius. Admittedly, its initial extraction requires a relatively large amount of energy. This energy balance is however compensated by its many positive characteristics in use and when recycled. The energy savings associated with recycling are about 95% compared to its initial extraction. And aluminum can be recycled again and again, without any loss.

It is very pleasant to handle, above all as this lightweight amongst the metals is very good at matching the ambient temperature.

Anodized Aluminum - Elements Finishes

FSB 0105

Natural Color

FSB 0205

Champagne Silver Color

Blasted Anodized Aluminum - Elements Finishes

FSB 0410

Bronze Color - Blasted

FSB 0510

Medium Bronze Color - Blasted

FSB 0710

Dark Bronze Color - Blasted

FSB 0810

Black Color - Blasted

Powder Coated Aluminum - Elements Finishes

FSB 8120

Jet Black, approximating to RAL 9005, matt

FSB 8220

Traffic White, approximating to RAL 9016, glossy

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