Premium, Elements and Transitions

Product Series

How many doors have you already passed through today? You will surely admit that a well-shaped door handle makes a pleasant impression. It is a means of establishing direct contact with the building. It provides an idea of the bigger picture, of the style and ultimately the status of your home or place of business.

Product Series

Premium Series

The Premium Series contains two base materials, naturally finished stainless steel and bronze designs. Because of the cost of these base materials, products within the Premium Series are normally more expensive than the same products within the Elements and Transitions Series. Both metals have unique qualities and offer significant benefits such as durability and resistance to erosion.

Stainless Steel is available in two finishes:
Satin - 6204 (above top)
Polished - 6205

Bronze is available in three finishes:
Polished - 7305
Aged - 7615 (above bottom)
Dark Oxidized - 7625

Elements Series

The Elements Series utilizes aluminum as its base metal and our state-of-the-art anodizing capability which allows us to offer an assortment of rich, yet rugged colors as well as powder coated options. Aluminum is a high-end material that is not only lightweight but durable. Aluminum is used in an array of high-end applications such as apple products, ferrari engine blocks and Ford truck chassis.

Aluminum is available in eight standard finishes:
Natural Color - 0105 (above top)
Champagne Silver Color - 0205
Bronze Color - 0410
Medium Bronze Color - 0510
Dark Bronze Color - 0710
Black Color - 0810 (above bottom)
Black Powder Coat - 8120
White Powder Coat - 8120
- Plus 100's of custom Powder Coat colors

Transitions Series

Transitions Series comes with Forged Brass as the base material in both plated and natural finishes. Because of the forging process, Transitions Series products typically fall 20% to 30% below the cost of the same items within the Premium Series. In addition to the cost advantage of the forging process, Transitions Series also delivers unique lever designs that are not available in Premium or Elements Series.

Forged Brass is available in seven finishes:
- Polished Nickel - 014
- Satin Nickel - 015
- Polished Chrome - 026
- Polished Brass, PVD - 03P
- Polished Brass - 003 (above top)
- Satin Brass - 004
- Satin Brass Dark Oxidized - 10B (above bottom)

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