Collections as cohesive entities

Our end-to-end product collections

The FSB common thread: each door lever model comes with a collection of options and accessory products to match.

We always have the requirements of modern architecture in mind. The product range in each design has an option for every door regardless if it swings or slides. As important as design aesthetics, we offer a host of technical solutions that fit your many door applications.

Members of an FSB product family are consistent in terms of form, function, material and surface finish.

The fact that our door handles are unique personalities is clearly demonstrated by the by the FSB 1267 design - our homage to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

We are here to help. You could download our brochure on FSB’s Design Continuity, or get in touch with us for more details.

Further end-to-end product collections

For completeness’ sake

FSB 1267
window handle

FSB 13 4223
Glass Door Locks

42 4265 | 42 4263
Sliding door hardware

38 4006
House Numbers

23 0829 | 23 0802

66 6550
Door pull