So much more than just door levers

In our view, decisions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the surrounding architecture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, articulates itself in compressed form in a handle’s design. The FSB product range includes designs for all forms of contemporary and period architecture.

FSB places a product range in clients’ and architects’ hands whose single-minded yet multi-stranded design philosophy makes it utterly distinctive in terms of form, material and function. Each door lever has a quite different set of impressive credentials, offering its services both to the hand and to the surrounding architecture in its own inimitable way. At the same time, it is also integral to a coordinated collection that also includes glass-door hardware, lever handles for frame doors, knobs and window handles.

The inner values speak for themselves just as clearly as do the outer: FSB also supplies virtually all its heavy-duty sets as fire-safety fittings. Both categories feature second-generation AGL® or AGL® FS technology. FSB ASL®, meanwhile, is setting new standards on infrequently used doors with the aid of innovative adaptor technology.

Lockable window handles by FSB offer a reliable means of protecting windows and other similar elements against burglary whilst also meeting the manifold security criteria and design-engineering provisions of European standards and, indeed, considerably outperforming these in some respects. Versions for push-button operation are likewise available that require the use of both hands and make tampering from the outside even more difficult.

FSB supplies what must be the widest range in the trade in the segment of hardware system solutions for emergency exits, an area in which components have to be jointly tested and certified. Narrow-frame doors, too, enjoy material and formal continuity along with approval under the applicable building supervision standards.

A coordinated range of hardware solutions that take up the trend of functional features flush-fitted in the door sets superb design accents. A case in point are flush-fitting armoured roses that can be combined to ideal effect with FSB crossbar fittings and serve to very exclusively enhance a door’s visual impact. Security fittings from our “Design + Security” series are just as dazzling on main-entrance doors: the FSB 73 7376 model was given a mark of 1.8 by Germany’s product testing organisation Stiftung Warentest and declared the winner in the “Door Backplates” section.

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