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single-source lock and handle hardware

FSB presents a coordinated a coordinated modular lock+handle hardware system for single and double-leaf emergency-exit doors (flush).

It is now quite a while since FSB set about re-uniting what had once been a single entity anyway by marketing a comprehensive range of mortice locks. In pre-industrial times, after all, locks and handle hardware had formed a single unit. The two components became detached as it were in the course of industrialisation – and their separation was sealed by a series of industrial standards. Together with its subsidiary, Sächsische Schlossfabrik (SSF), the Brakel firm has re-embraced the concept of functional/technical unity between lock and handle and is presenting an all newly developed system for single and doubleleaf flush panic doors with and with- out top locking of the active leaf. The technically and functionally harmonised lock and handle hardware scheme comprises a pull bar conforming to the Type A category laid down under DIN EN 1125 (model number 77 7980) plus modularstructure latching and locking components (SSF lock series 61/62, anti-panic functions B, D and E).

Special functions include:

Key-operated rapid locking: turning the key in the locking direction releases a catch lever in the lock that immediately causes the lock bolt to be shot forward 20 mm. The benefits – quite apart from the convenience of not having to turn the key through two full revolutions – are easily grasped: there is no longer any risk when locking by hand of the cylinder thrower being moved in such a way that it blocks other lock functions, into a position at which it performs what is known as a freerunning function.

Four-point status check: 61/62 Series anti-panic locks also allow the status of the lock bolt, the top lock, the latch, and engagement of the lever handle to be checked via electronic switching contacts as and when required.

Anti-blocking function hazardous acts of tampering with anti-panic doors such as blocking the lever handle from the outside – a popular pastime at schools – are rendered impossible by what is known as an anti-blocking function. The panic function on the inside is guaranteed at all times as a result.

Flexibly mountable fronds: SSF’s modular lock series incorporates a screw-fix forend that facilitates rapid adaptation to changing dimensions, which is a great benefit for fabricators.

A wealth of cleverly conceived fine detail, to conclude, underlines just how much concentration the Brakel firm has put into this lock series: the as-standard free-running function already mentioned is complemented by a split follower (anti-panic function B, D) that engages mechanically, a very low-noise plastic-coate latch and independent spring support for the lever handle from both sides via the lock follower, which ensures that the handle will always return to the horizontal position. No add-on section is required for the top lock, moreover, thus dispensing with the need for any further routing-out of lock mortices. The forends for locks with and without top locking devices are of identical length, in addition.

The operating angle for the system is a standard 30° for active and inactive leafs alike. This ensures an ideal ratio of forces and interaction between components in the lock and handle hardware respectively; the low angle of rotation permits rapid release of the furniture. There is no need to set the angle of rotation on site, furthermore, leaving no scope for errors due to incorrect settings. The lock-bolt ejector in the strike box can be set on site to accommodate a gap between the active and inactive leafs of from 2 to 6 mm. FSB’s anti-panic crossbar 77 7980 can be paired on the opposite side of the door with short-backplate furniture and virtually any handle design from the FSB range. The 1 or 2-leaf panic lock by SSF can be combined with any of our sets of roses and backplates both long or short in variants conforming to DIN EN 179.

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