Added benefits, flexibility and value:

FSB ASL® – the new bearing from FSB

FSB ASL® von FSB sets new standards with innovative adaptor technology and additional value-added. FSB ASL® is always supplied as a set and can be universally deployed as both a “righthand” and a “lefthand” model.

Whilst the standard variant for door thicknesses of from 39–58 mm caters to virtually all scenarios, FSB ASL® is also available to order for a far greater range of thicknesses at both ends of the scale (22–98 mm). Rounding off the benefits of our new heavy-duty bearing are throughfixing with M5 stainless steel screws, retention lugs and threaded steel bushes (or optionally four timber screws with no retention lugs), a 45° operating angle and a non-directional positive mechanism spring. This is just one reason why FSB ASL® enjoys Class 4 approval under DIN EN 1906 (certificates set to become available by spring 2017). FSB ASL® meets the many and varied demands made of Public Project buildings whilst also opening up a greater degree of flexibility – both for warehousing purposes and as regards handling either sets or individual components at the assembly stage. The new adaptor technology adopted in FSB ASL® makes for extremely simple and rapid assembly because the baserose is screwed to the door leaf first, without either its cover or the handle, and because it is no longer necessary to “screw past” the handle shank. Its single-section roses and backplates are precision-fixed adopting the proven FSB clip-on technique. A base in reinforced stainless steel and GFR plastic significantly enhances the tensile forces to which the hardware can be subjected.

The positive mechanism fitted conforms to the DIN EN 1906 standard/ Type of Operation A and facilitates an angle of rotation of up to 45°. The positive-mechanism springs provide dependable support for the lock follower spring. The interaction between the two serves to prevent even heavy door handles sagging. The positive mechanism acts in both directions, moreover, allowing the furniture to be fitted for either “righthand” or “lefthand” operation – which is particularly useful if it ever needs to be converted to entrance-door furniture on site. This benefit also obtains for entrance-door sets with a symmetrical door lever handle. The same applies to modifications as a result of door thicknesses altering: with two female parts and a full-length spindle, on-site modifications are straightforwardly possible here, too. FSB ASL® is supplied as rose hardware (round + square) with PC, CH and RC keyways and a bathroom variant and as short/long backplate hardware (oval + straight-cornered) with PC, CH and Swiss RC keyways and a bathroom variant. All variants are also additionally available as entrancedoor furniture.

Your benefits at a glance:

– “all in one” single-set packing
– non-handed
– concealed handle shank
– positive mechanism
– operates with all current handle designs
– bearing fixed but free to rotate
– stainless steel-reinforced base
– M5 stainless steel screw fixing
– 45° angle of operation
– rapid assembly
– 20 mm door-thickness increments
– EN 1906 Class 4 certified

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