The ErgoSystem® A100 from FSB:

Freedom from barriers simple and attractive to modest budgets

FSB expands the ErgoSystem® to a system family: with the new ErgoSystem® A100, FSB presents the budget-attractive alternative to the ErgoSystem® E300.

Whilst the latter is often pre­ferred for ex­clu­sive fur­nish­ings (e.g. hotels) and op­tional service areas, bud­get-sen­si­tive pro­jects can also enjoy FSB quality with the Er­goSys­tem® A100.

Di­ag­o­nal + oval + ex­tended grip­ping area

Common to both system ver­sions is the basic idea of the di­ag­o­nal align­ment of an oval grip­ping cross-sec­tion, which is unique on the market. It con­sis­tently follows the laws of grip­ping er­gonom­ics and stands for un­par­al­leled comfort and a secure hold. The hand pos­i­tively in­ter­locks around the el­lip­ti­cal cross-sec­tion. All parts of the fingers are evenly loaded, all joints – in­clud­ing the wrist – op­ti­mally used. Com­pared to a cir­cu­lar cross-sec­tion shape, the hand has to exert much less force to prevent twist­ing on the handle. In ad­di­tion, the oval handle is in­clined by 45° in a di­ag­o­nally slanted po­si­tion, which is derived from the spatial pro­ce­dure when grip­ping. The Er­goSys­tem® A100 adds an ex­tended grip­ping area to this design concept. Sup­ports angled at 45° from the wall open up the grip­ping area for the hand and make it par­tic­u­larly con­ve­nient to grab them from the side. The wall, sup­ports and handle form the struc­tural prin­ci­ple of a tri­an­gle, which are sub­jec­tively and ob­jec­tively re­spon­si­ble for high dura­bil­ity and sta­bil­ity. The grip­ping ex­pe­ri­ence is per­ceived as par­tic­u­larly pleas­ant and safe.

Well equipped

The Er­goSys­tem® A100 covers a range that is per­fectly equipped for almost every place of ap­pli­ca­tion and purpose: Handrail com­bi­na­tions that can be arranged in any way and feature in­di­vid­ual pro­files, which can be short­ened on site, make plan­ning and as­sem­bly easier. The angled sup­ports make it pos­si­ble to attach a re­mov­able corner shelf made of plastic, which can be fitted later at any time.

Com­bined with the multi-award-win­ning shower head holder, this creates the ideal equip­ment for shower areas. Shelv­ing areas with and without in­te­grated handrail are avail­able in stan­dard di­men­sions and in cus­tomised lengths of up to 1050 or 1900 mm. The left-hand/right­hand us­abil­ity of the drop-down support makes it par­tic­u­larly flex­i­ble. Wall handles in vari­able lengths, a fixed support handle, single or twin hand towel holder, wall hooks and toilet roll holder round off the Er­goSys­tem® A100.

Optimal vis­i­bil­ity in the room

Thanks to its vari­able colour con­stel­la­tions, the Er­goSys­tem® A100 can be in­di­vid­u­ally matched to the in­te­rior and am­bi­ence. Sup­ports/struc­tural com­po­nents and handrails/handles can be freely com­bined in terms of their colour. Ad­e­quate con­trasts can be achieved in this way for optimal vis­i­bil­ity and read­abil­ity in the room, which pro­vides added con­ve­nience and safety es­pe­cially for older people with im­paired vision (light­ness co­ef­fi­cient). Dif­fer­ently coloured handles and sup­ports ensure that they are taken hold of safely.

As­sem­bly? It’s easy!

The Er­goSys­tem® A100 is also im­pres­sive when looked at under as­sem­bly aspects: a design sim­pli­fi­ca­tion leads to fewer in­di­vid­ual parts, which in turn are very easy to as­sem­ble thanks to the mount­ing shoe concept. Visible and as­sem­bly-re­lated parts are kept sep­a­rate, which makes them much easier to attach and pre­vents as­sem­bly errors and damage.

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