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News from Brakel


Surface beauty:
FSB reinvigorates aluminium

FSB is reinvigorating “its” material aluminium at BAU 2017 with innovative new finishes that have positive implications both visually and in terms of functional engineering. In typically matter-of-fact manner, the Brakel firm uses the term “Blasted Aluminium Colour Anodized” to describe what it brought to the production stage following lengthy development and manufacturing tests: anodised colours in the form of satin matt aluminium finishes blasted with fine shot whose inimitable sheen and pleasant haptic quality lend them an allure of a kind never before seen.

Architects and designers get hands-on:
New handle collections from FSB

FSB feels that decisions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the surrounding architecture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, articulates itself in compressed form in a handle’s design. Either the handle becomes a harmonious part of the whole, or it quite deliberately creates a point of contrast.

Added benefits, flexibility and value:
FSB ASL® – the new bearing from FSB

FSB ASL® von FSB sets new standards with innovative adaptor technology and additional value-added. FSB ASL® is always supplied as a set and can be universally deployed as both a “righthand” and a “lefthand” model.


Architects get hands-on:
New handle collections from FSB

FSB feels that de­ci­sions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the sur­round­ing ar­chi­tec­ture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, ar­tic­u­lates itself in com­pressed form in a handle’s design. Either the handle becomes a har­mo­nious part of the whole, or it quite de­lib­er­ately creates a point of con­trast. The very nature of FSB’s dis­course with ar­chi­tects in­di­cates just how deeply en­grained in the company’s think­ing ar­chi­tec­ture is.

Good looks down to the last detail:
FSB window handles for narrow profiles

There is a solid tra­di­tion at FSB of re­fin­ing prod­ucts whose form and func­tion are already well es­tab­lished and of con­stantly en­hanc­ing their fine detail. The eastern West­phalian makers of system so­lu­tions for doors, windows and bar­rier-free con­ve­nience never in the process lose sight of chang­ing ar­chi­tec­tural re­quire­ments. The new FSB window handles for narrow pro­files have been de­signed in re­sponse to a trend cham­pi­oning fil­i­gree de­sign-en­gi­neer­ing so­lu­tions that un­ob­tru­sively blend in with the host ar­chi­tec­ture.

End-to-end FSB quality:
single-source lock and handle hardware

FSB pre­sents a coor­di­na­ted a coor­di­na­ted modular lock+handle hard­wa­re system for single and dou­ble-leaf emer­gency-exit doors (flush).

End-to-end FSB quality:
lock and hardware from a single source

FSB is re-uni­ting what was once one with a com­prehen­si­ve range of mortice locks. In pre-in­dus­trial times, after all, lock and hard­wa­re formed a single unit. The two com­po­nents became de­ta­ched as it were in the course of in­dus­tria­li­sa­tion – and their se­pa­ra­tion was sealed by a series of in­dus­trial stan­dards.


The ErgoSystem® A100 from FSB:
Freedom from barriers simple and attractive to modest budgets

FSB expands the Er­goSys­tem® to a system family: with the new Er­goSys­tem® A100, FSB pre­sents the bud­get-at­trac­tive al­ter­na­tive to the Er­goSys­tem® E300. Whilst the latter is often pre­ferred for ex­clu­sive fur­nish­ings (e.g. hotels) and op­tional service areas, bud­get-sen­si­tive pro­jects can also enjoy FSB quality with the Er­goSys­tem® A100.


The ErgoSystem® in its individual parts:
FSB provides detailed grasp of their quality and design

Er­goSys­tem® man­u­fac­turer FSB has now come up with a truly “ex­plo­sive” idea for a product series that has gar­nered the “Red Dot Design Award”, the “iF Award” and the “ar­chi­tec­ture + health In­no­va­tion Prize” amongst others: the company from Brakel in eastern West­phalia is dis­play­ing all the parts of its func­tional and supremely well-crafted Er­goSys­tem® in­di­vid­u­ally.

Classics for modernity from FSB:
door and window hardware in bronze for inside and out

Along­side design and er­gonom­ics, a key role is played by the ma­te­r­ial in the man­u­fac­ture of fit­tings. In adopt­ing bronze, FSB has revived a ma­te­r­ial that is his­toric in two senses.